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    To save time and make life a little easier, we have answered some of our most frequently asked questions about our supplies and services. We hope this helps to give you a better understanding of the quality services that we carry out across Melbourne.
    If you have any additional questions about our air conditioning and heating systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you would like more information about our repair, maintenance and installation services, our team is always available to help.
    1. How often do ducts need cleaning?
    There is no definitive answer to this question, although Energy Safe Victoria recommends servicing your heater every two years. You can carry out a simple visual inspection of the return air duct (the large grill in floor, wall or ceiling) to determine if your system is dirty. If you have any doubts about whether or not your system requires attention, please call Airfix right away.
    2. How are ducts cleaned? 

    There are two important elements to the duct cleaning process. First, a powerful negative air machine, located outside of your house, is connected to the duct system to extract contaminants from ductwork. Second, by combining brushing with high pressure, air is used to dislodge and agitate any of the common contaminants.  

    Beware of competitors that use commercial floor vacuum cleaners, as these only partially clean the duct systems. Floor vacuum cleaners are not appropriate for cleaning duct systems alone. This task requires the use of a lot of specialist equipment to provide a thorough cleaning. Airfix's duct cleaning equipment has been uniquely designed and tested to ensure that it is most suitable for Australian systems.

    3. Why is it necessary to clean the fan motor in the heater with every clean?
    A build-up of dust on the fan motor during normal operation can contribute to overheating, causing an electrical short circuit. This is one potential fire hazard that Airfix avoids by cleaning dust from the motor with every clean. 
    4. How often is it necessary to service a ducted gas heater?
    Energy Safe Victoria and the Plumbing Industry Commission recommend at least every two years. However, potential hazards such as bugs nesting in unit burners during summer, can contribute to explosive conditions in the ducted heater and other malfunctions. Therefore, Airfix recommends an annual service for greater peace of mind.
    5. Is it necessary for gas heater maintenance to be carried out by a licensed gas fitter?
    Yes. You must have all of the correct qualifications and a license, which all Airfix engineers have.

    Facts about Airfix: 

    What industry accreditation does Airfix have?

    The Airfix team and has the following credentials: 

    1. Over 35 years heating and air-conditioning industry experience relating to design, installation, commissioning, repairs and servicing of most systems.
    2. We are reputable members of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).
    3. Airfix is fully licensed by the plumbing industry commission for all aspects of gas fitting and mechanical services work. 

    Our knowledge and experience with heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems means we understand the most effective way to clean and maintain them.

    Does Airfix service gas ducted heaters? 
    Yes. In fact, a routine maintenance service and safety check is included with every Airfix duct clean, unlike most of our competitors.

    Contact us today on 1300 360 385 for affordable and reliable air conditioning repairs! 

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