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    Duct Cleaning in Boronia

    Keep your ducts clean

    The team at Airfix is proud to offer the most thorough and reliable duct cleaning service throughout Melbourne. We sanitise and deodorise your entire heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Dirty ducts can be a dangerous fire hazard, not to mention unhealthy for your employees and family. 

    Air Conditioning services include

    • Gas safety checks and carbon monoxide testing
    • Thorough duct cleaning
    • Cleaning of registers, including floor and ceiling grilles
    • Full service of eating unit including fan and burners
    • Fire test and air quality balance
    • Airfix’s natural germicide sanitiser, which kills bacteria and dust mites
    It is important to point out that all our duct cleaning is carried out by qualified and licenced tradesmen. If your heating or air conditioning unit is not working after our initial test and you authorise repairs to be carried out, additional charges may apply. 

    The proof is in our cleaning

    At Airfix, our duct cleaning services are backed with certified results. Please see the chart below, which explains the reduction of unhealthy microbial duct contaminants at a local residence through cleaning.

    Table bacteria and Airfix
    Duct cleaning is recommended every two years to reduce the build-up of limescale, dirt, dust, mud, and leaves. A professional duct cleaning service should include the use of special blowers, brushes, and vacuums to return the ducts to a clean and sanitised condition. This service should also thoroughly clean all grilles, fans, motors, coils, and air handlers to keep the system running effectively. 
    Microbacteria air Melbourne
    Air duct after our duct cleaning services in Boronia

    > Microbial bacteria and mould sample from a Melbourne residential duct system

    Airfix is proud to offer the most thorough duct clean, duct sanitising/deodorising and unit service available. Complete installation of heating/cooling and ventilation systems.

    Contact us today on 1300 360 385 for affordable and reliable air conditioning repairs! 

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